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Saturday, 4 December 2004

To Blog or Not to Blog Frequently

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David Pankhurst argues that business blog should be updated frequently, daily if possible. I disagree.

David compares reading a blog to watching a TV show. If you break the habit of watching the show, it’s often hard to tune in again later. But blogs are different. Most people read more than one blog, and many use news aggregators (special software for reading blogs and other newsfeeds). People make time to read blogs, not to read one blog in particular, as you do with a TV show that requires your attention for a specific timespan.

Personally, I just add the RSS or Atom feed to my bookmarks in Firefox. I have 18 of them in my list right now. When I take time to catch up on world events :-) I simply hover the mouse pointer over the bookmarks. I can instantly see whether a blog has a new entry, and read that entry or skip to the next blog. You’re not going to lose my readership if you don’t post anything for a few weeks. Skipping your blog only takes 2 seconds.

However, if you try to keep your blog fresh by posting more frequently than your creativity and writing skills can handle, your blog is far more likely to be deleted from my ever growing list of blogs to read. I’m only willing to spend a certain amount of time reading. And I don’t want to spend it reading an entry and find out it’s not interesting. The blogs with the most amount of least interesting information will be deleted from my bookmarks first.

Your blog doesn’t need to fill a predetermined amount of time like a TV show. Don’t fill it with fluff, but with interesting articles, and readers will continue coming back for more.

PS: David also recommends you keep note-taking software running on your computer, to quickly jot down ideas and save references, for use in later blog entries. I recommend and use AceText. Yes, I eat my own dog food. :-)

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