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Wednesday, 23 February 2005

Acrobatic Rabbit

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Knowing what you want and setting clear goals makes all the difference in life.

For almost a year now, we’ve been keeping a number of rabbits in a pen adjacent to our house. The pen is fenced by a three feet (90 cm) tall wire embedded over half a foot deep into the ground. You’d think the wire would do a pretty good job of keeping the rabbits inside. I certainly did.

The rabbits do too! While they continue to nibble at the grass growing just outside the pen, no rabbit has ever even made a serious attempt at trying to escape. But it’s not the wire that keeps the rabbits inside, but their own lack of will.

To prevent impending overpopulation, I separated the oldest male offspring into a new pen adjacent to the existing one. It took him about 15 minutes to figure out how to scale the wire fence. The one-inch square wire mesh turns out to be an ideal climbing grid for rabbit feet. Fortunately, I had some spare wire that I could fancy into an awning to keep the furry guy at bay.

Still, even with his newfound climbing abilities, even the one rabbit hasn’t tried to escape from the pen. He only tries to join his family. None of the family members have tried to climb their side of the wire.

Just like a technically inadequate fence keeps rabbits inside, many people are kept inside their comfort zone by all sorts of barriers that are often mostly in their heads. How many part-time shareware authors keep dreaming of quitting the day job, but never do for all sorts of reasons? Reasons that, upon closer inspection, that are merely obstacles that could be scaled without too much trouble.

Acrobatic rabbit

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