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Sunday, 28 August 2005

Back in Action

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The past four months, my wife and I have been busy looking for, buying and moving into a new house. We moved from my wife’s hometown Ubon Ratchathani, near the border with Laos and Cambodia, to Nonthaburi, a suburb of Thailand’s capital Bangkok.

I’ve had to make do without my desktop PC and ADSL connection for most of that time. Working on a laptop with a dial-up connection is just not as comfortable, no matter how nice the Acer Travelmate 4603 laptop I bought earlier this year really is. So I cut my computer-related leisure activities such as blogging to a minimum until I got new gear. Both my wife’s and my PC had actually broken down in early April, one during a lightning storm, and the other when the UPS made some weird noises.

This week I finally made it to Pantip plaza to buy two new PCs. More about that later. Suffice to say, I can again work comfortably.

I’m still waiting for the ADSL connection, though. Apparently, the housing project we now live in sits right between the two nearest telco exchanges, which means it’s too far from either for ADSL. The project is scheduled to get its own “ADSL box” (some sort of repeater, I guess), but that’ll take a few months.

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