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Tuesday, 11 October 2005

Delphi 2006 and Beyond

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Borland has announced Delphi 2006. The most significant difference with the 2005 version will be that C++Builder is now part of the package, integrated into a single IDE with Delphi (Win32 and .NET) and C#. All editions of Delphi include all 4 language platforms.

Also new is that the Professional and Enterprise editions will now contain key parts of ECO, Borland’s Enterprice Core Objects modelling framework for Delphi for .NET and C#. Previously, ECO was only available in the expensive Architect edition. ECO looks like it should make database development a lot easier, by automatically generating Delphi or C# code based on the models you create.

The Delphi roadmap also looks promising, with a VCL version for Avalon (or whatever Microsoft calls it now) and native 64-bit Delphi and C++ compilers announced for 2007. Though some may claim that’s royally late, it seems right on time for me. I prefer that Borland take their time to get things right, rather than rushing an unfinished product to marked like happened with Delphi 2005. By 2007/2008, enough of our customers should have 64-bit systems to make the effort worthwhile. Don’t forget that while 64-bit hardware is common, 64-bit operating systems are not.

My new PC has a 64-bit CPU. Windows XP x64 runs just fine on it. The motherboard included 64-bit drivers for everything, and Windows automatically installed a Microsoft driver for the GeForce 6600 graphics card. The problem is external hardware. According to Canon’s web site, my old S820 printer will never be supported on x64. Drivers for the new MP780 all-in-one I bought are “coming soon”. Since I don’t have any 64-bit software, it doesn’t really matter. 32-bit applications get no benefit from a 64-bit OS.

The result is that I’m still using my trusty Windows 2000 installation, and will continue to do so until Vista arrives. At least it is good to know that all JGsoft products run just fine on XP x64.

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