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Wednesday, 8 March 2006

The JGsoft EULA

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Thanks to Terry Jepson for dropping me a note that the JGsoft EULA was mentioned in GripeLog. I don’t read GripeLog, but apparently it’s a rather popular forum for griping about everything that’s wrong with the technology industry. It certainly strokes my ego to be mentioned on such a forum in a good way. :-) I’ve posted my reply in several comments below it.

I’ve always felt that software cannot be “just great” unless it comes with great customer service. And good customer service starts with a fair EULA or End-User License Agreement. It’s the first thing you see when you install or run almost any software product. That makes it an essential part of the first impression the product leaves, at least to those people who bother reading the license terms. Given how easy it is to steal software, I’m happy to extend flexible and fair licensing terms to those people who have the decency to pay for the software they use.

I’m also happy to promise free bugfix releases. They’re essential to keeping customers happy anyway, not to mention keeping them recommending our products to everybody they know. Fixing bugs costs time and money, but not nearly as much as acquiring new customers through means other than word-of-mouth. And those new customers would just be as dissappointed about the same bugs. Yes, it does happen that we can’t resolve a problem. For those situations, there’s my personal money-back guarantee.

The new 2006 JGsoft license agreement is even more flexible. PowerGREP 3.2.0 and RegexBuddy 2.2.0 have a new feature “Install on Removable Drive” in the Help menu. The new license agreement for these products specifically allows the software to be used in a portable fashion without extra payment (assuming the number of people using the software remains constant). EditPad Pro and AceText will get the same feature in the coming months.

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