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Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Microsoft adCenter First Impressions

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Two weeks ago I set up an account with Microsoft adCenter, and set up my most successful campaign just like I have it on Google Adwords. This couldn’t have been any easier due to the fact that Microsoft’s system is very similar too Google’s, down to the number of characters you can use for your ad title and text. With one improvement though: Microsoft allows 1*70 characters for the ad text, while Google insists on breaking it into 2*35. This may seem like a small difference, but 1*70 is way more flexible than 2*35 when you’re using words with more than one syllable.

I only set up one campaign because I wanted to gauge the kind of traffic I’d get before spending time to set up all the campaigns like I have them on Google. Microsoft has step by step instructions for importing campaings from Google, but I gave up on those when they tried to explain me how to edit the .csv exported from Google in Excel. Copy and paste between two browser windows (on two monitors, of course) turned out to be much easier.

Two weeks later, the first impressions are in. All 1,798 of them. Ouch! In the same two weeks, my Adwords campaign got more than an order of magnitude more impressions, with a similar click-through rate. And that’s counting the Google search results only. Content targeting gets way more impressions, though also a much lower click-through rate.

Since there’s no minimum spend on Microsoft adCenter, beyond a $5 or €5 sign-up fee, I’ll just keep the campaign running as it is. But I’m not going to spend any more time on it until Microsoft starts generating some traffic. Even Yahoo! Search Marketing does better.

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