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Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Delphi 2007 for Win32

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When Borland announced that they weren’t going to sell their Developers Tools Group after all, but operate it as a wholly owned subsidiary called CodeGear, many feared that nothing had really changed, as Borland is still in control at the end of the day.

But in the space of only a few months, I’ve seen quite a few changes in the way CodeGear does business. They seem to be far more interested in hearing customer feedback and adapting to it. One result of that is the imminent release of Delphi 2007 for Win32. Many people are still using Delphi 7 or earlier because they simply don’t want the extra personalities (Delphi for .NET, C# and C++) in Delphi 2006. Delphi 2007 is for them. It’s a full Win32 Delphi, unlike the Turbo Delphi releases in 2006, which don’t have all the features of BDS 2006.

CodeGear also seems to be more open as an organization. Under Borland, beta tests were always very closed, with no prior information available other than what Borland’s marketing department published. This morning, however, I was surprised to get an email from Nick Hodges (Delphi’s product manager) inviting me (among a few others) to talk about Spacely, the codename for the beta of Delphi 2007. I don’t get anything in return for doing so, other than perhaps a few extra readers.

If you’re still using Delphi 7 or earlier, Delphi 2007 looks like an excellent opportunity to upgrade. You get the new IDE, which I discussed in my Delphi 2006 review. CodeGear touts the 2007 version to be more stable and faster. I’ll hold my judgement until the final release, as I haven’t used Delphi 2007 on production projects yet. That said, Delphi 2006 is quite stable, and runs just fine as long as your PC has at least a gigabyte of RAM.

Delphi 2007 will also be the first version that will install and run properly on Windows Vista. The VCL will have new components and properties to make your applications integrate better into the Vista UI. For shareware authors, this will likely be the main selling point of Delphi 2007. It is possible to create Vista-compatible applications in Delphi 2006 and even Delphi 7. In fact, I did so myself. But to take advantage of new UI features like the new open and save dialogs (which JGsoft apps don’t), you’ll need Delphi 2007.

Hopefully I’ll have some more time to show some of the new features later this week. Feel free to leave a comment if there’s anything in particular you’re curious about.


  1. Thank you for the feedback on Delphi 2007 for Win32. We are just getting started on bringing more innovation into the developer market, but we feel like this and our new PHP effort is a good start.

    Comment by BTS — Wednesday, 28 February 2007 @ 22:40

  2. My jaw dropped with Delphi8 and .net, D2005 never really worked for me, D2006 is not bad but I don’t need C# or C++, so yes maybe they are listening at last.

    Comment by pete — Saturday, 3 March 2007 @ 11:35

  3. Yes, I think they’re listening.

    I believe the main problem with Delphi 8, 2005 and 2006 was that the “bosses” at Borland believed that Borland HAD to pursue the .NET path much faster than they really needed to. I always thought this wasn’t necessary, and that Borland should have payed more respect to their existing Win32 user base. With this product that finally seems to happen…

    If this product is stable I think it’s likely to take over for Delphi 7 for many people, and probably become the main developer tool choice for Delphi developers, at least for two, three or four years to come. So, let’s just cross our fingers that it is.

    Comment by Peter — Saturday, 10 March 2007 @ 15:10

  4. AFAIK is *identical* to the Win32 personality of BDS2006. The *free* Turbo Delphi Explorer was less for sure – is that what you are thinking of?

    Also you do not *need* Delphi 2007 to take advantage of new UI features like the new open and save dialogs. A couple of trivial mods to Dialogs.pas enable you to use them. Some might even consider them as bug-fixes. This has the added advantage that the resulting code is also backwards compatible with pre-Vista OS’s. See for detsils.

    Comment by Chris Burrows — Monday, 19 March 2007 @ 17:01

  5. I think Delphi 2007 would get a great jump start if it had a working Crystal Report option, the old VCL method is not an option.

    Comment by larry wall — Tuesday, 20 March 2007 @ 2:10

  6. I was very excited when I’ve heard about new Delphi 2007. And finally I have tried it today. The first feature I wanted to test was Unicode support. My disappointment did not had borders. :-( I just don’t understand how in the year of 2007 you can build a RAD tool without Unicode support??? And the worst thing I found out was that TntUnicode controls, which I use with Delphi 7 are not free anymore.

    Comment by Guzun Nicolae — Tuesday, 22 May 2007 @ 20:49

  7. If you want to use Unicode today with Delphi, you’ll need to use Delphi for .NET or one of the 3rd party libraries.

    CodeGear’s roadmap shows a Unicode VCL for Win32 after the Highlander release. Highlander is the next release of Delphi for Win32. So my personal guess would be that we’ll have a Unicode VCL for Win32 by the end of 2008.

    Comment by Jan Goyvaerts — Wednesday, 23 May 2007 @ 7:28

  8. Does anyone using D2007 know if it has genuine operator overloading,
    not the silly “Variants” version in D7, but something like the operator overloading in Free Pascal, GNU Pascal, C++, Ada,…

    Comment by Prof. Harley Flanders — Tuesday, 14 August 2007 @ 7:19

  9. I’ve written a new article on Delphi 2007 for Win32 to answer all such questions.

    Comment by Jan Goyvaerts — Wednesday, 15 August 2007 @ 8:17

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