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Sunday, 18 November 2007

Lovin’ My Dual Monitors

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I’ve been on the road (or should I say: in the air and on the rails) for a bit over two weeks. Sitting down at my desktop PC again, I couldn’t help but be happy about sheer space and luxury offered by the dual monitors on my desk. And they’re only 19″ TN LCDs, which today occupy pretty much the bottom of the market. At 1280*1024 each they’re giving me about 2.5 times the virtual real estate the 15.4″ 1280*800 LCD on my laptop gives me. And that’s pretty big for a laptop.

If you have a lonely LCD sitting on your desk, and you’re staring at it all day, tell Santa to bring it a buddy next month. You’ll wonder how you ever managed to get any work done with just one screen. Unless that happens to be a 30″ monster, of course.

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