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Monday, 24 December 2007

Paris Hilton Loves RegexBuddy (and EditPad too!)

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At least, some guy who thinks he is a coding Paris Hilton does. Interestingly, out of the 15 tools he recommends, RegexBuddy and EditPad Pro are the only ones with a price tag (according to the article).

It always makes me happy when somebody likes my stuff well enough to confess to it in public. Not because of the extra sales it might bring. Those are usually minimal, as the exposure is very untargeted. I can trace only one RegexBuddy sale back to the Paris Hilton article. Joel Spolsky mentioning that he uses EditPad Pro resulted in three sales. And if anyone can claim to be the Paris Hilton of programmers, it’s Joel.

What makes me happy is that my work makes a difference in people’s lives. I came up with the name “Just Great Software” eight years ago because that’s what I wanted to focus on: making high quality software. I figured if I focused on making great products, which I love, I wouldn’t have to worry about too much about selling my stuff to make a nice living. And this has certainly proved to be true.

Normally I wouldn’t blog about somebody blogging about me. I’m not enough of a salesman to slap myself on the back in public. And I like my girls with a bit more dignity anyway.

What’s interesting about this article, to me, is not the article itself, but how I found out about it. But that’s a story for after Christmas.

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  1. Hey there!

    This is Mike, author of the “15 -hot- tools that made me a coding Paris Hilton” post. Really glad if it has helped your company in any way. I wrote that post as with a bit of social media baiting in mind (if the title didn’t give that away) and purposely kept the tools list useful to as broad an audience as possible.

    In my day to day coding existence I tend to use a good number of more boring tools (Visual Studio, Query Analyzer, .Net niche stuff, etc) but can honestly say that I use Edit Pad Pro every single day, and regex buddy on at least a weekly basis. Even though Visual Studio is never closed, I constantly use EPP to scrub data, work with sources of all types, routinely do replacements in 150+ files at once, take notes, etc. None of what I wrote in the post was any kind of fake puffery. You are right that most everything else on the list was freeware product, I am a big fan of open source projects, but I’m also an equally big believer in quality. In my opinion, EPP and RegexBuddy are dollar for dollar in the same league as jetbrains Resharper which is about the highest tool-praise I think can be given in the MS Development world.

    Anyway, just wanted to say keep up the great work. Your company’s tools show a real understanding of how developers work and what they really need vs features-for-features sake and I’m happy you are being recognized for doing so.

    –Mike Duncan

    Comment by Mike Duncan — Wednesday, 9 January 2008 @ 21:30

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