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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Don’t Throw Away Your Money

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Now who would throw their money away? I see it happen all the time. People buying stuff they don’t need to impress people who don’t care about them. Working a job they don’t like to be able to afford all that stuff.

Ken Rockwell recently wrote an interesting article How to Afford Anything. Or more accurately: how to afford a camera bag with $10,000 worth of equipment. Camera equipment and photography are Ken’s usual topic.

Don’t be offended by the hyperbole in the article. That’s just Ken’s usual goofy and irreverent style. Love it or hate it; the message is very true. If you stop keeping up with the Jones, you’ll save so much money you’ll have plenty to afford the stuff you really need or like. It certainly works for me.

Yes, having a successful software business certainly helps. But the point is you can’t ditch your dead-end day job when you’re over your ears into debt. I saved a lot of money by living with my parents until I got married, buying a cheap car (which I needed for contracting jobs when dropping out of university), having no nose for fashion, and spending as much on toys as needed to have fun–never to show off. In fact, other than having a house of our own, we still live that way. Food is about the only thing I never try to save money on. Mind you I said “food”, not “fancy restaurants”.

By saving money and spending it wisely, I somehow always have enough to spend on what I really care about. Like a $500 keyboard.

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