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Thursday, 14 February 2008

A Pound of Apples

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They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. So how about a pound of apples (or other fruit)?

Early this year I read Steve Pavlina’s blog that he was going to try eating only raw foods for 30 days, an experiment that’s been concluded now. Steve is a shareware author turned personal development blogger. While I’m not going to try anything as extreme as eating solely fruit and uncooked vegetables, it did give me the idea to make some changes to my diet.

On June 1st last year, a new fitness club opened close to our house. My wife pushed me into joining with her. Though we’ve made generous use of our membership ever since, I actually gained weight. More than could be attributed to muscle growth. Though I’m hardly overweight, I didn’t like the trend.

The change I made was to eat only fruit before noon. The main reason is that fruit is quickly and easily digested. I spend my time before lunch on the most difficult aspect of my job: software design and development. That takes a clear mind rather than a heavy stomach. The second reason is that prior to my diet change, I used to eat very little fruit. While we’d always have some fruit in the fridge, I just never get around to eating it between or after meals. I eat more fruit a day now than I used to eat in a week. That can’t be unhealthy. And the final reason was that it should stop the weight increase, and maybe even reverse it. A stomach full of fruit doesn’t give you nearly as many calories as a stomach full of cereal.

While Steve had his ups and downs during his trial, my change took me no effort at all. And I gained all three benefits I was looking for. While eating only fruit may seem boring, my breakfasts are actually far more interesting now. I eat all kinds of different fruits. The past few years I just had cereal for breakfast, sometimes with a few bananas. Though I’d buy different kinds of cereal, the variety between them is much less than that between all the kinds of fruit I can buy.

In fact, I’m enjoying the fruit diet so much that on many days, I only eat one regular meal. Usually, my wife will make us a meal for lunch. In the evening, if we don’t go out, I’ll just grab some fruit. It doesn’t take any effort to prepare, beyond a little peeling. I do seem to sleep better after a light fruit meal than after a heavy dinner.

Dragon Fruit


  1. What kinda crazy fruit is that? I want to eat it, but I also fear it.

    Comment by jay barnes — Sunday, 24 February 2008 @ 11:05

  2. It’s called “Dragon Fruit”. First cut it in half. Then scoop out the white flesh with a spoon. Eat it seeds and all. There’s also a variety where the flesh is as pink as the skin. Both taste sweet.

    Comment by Jan — Tuesday, 26 February 2008 @ 17:59

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