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Thursday, 27 March 2008

.Asia Waking Up, But Still Dizzy

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The .asia top-level domain went live yesterday. This morning I registered a few domains that I’d forgotten during the landrush. Lo and behold: the domains went live in about 15 minutes, just like .com domains do.

I previously wrote about the poor communication by the DotAsia Organisation. I’ve since received an email for all the domains I registered during the landrush for which I’m the sole applicant. But the domains aren’t live yet. I have no idea why it all has to take so long, as the TLD is obviously operational. No word on the landrush actions yet, except for a PDF saying they’ll start sometime in April.

I don’t really care how long it all takes. It’s the lack of communication that’s frustrating. And of course, a landrush isn’t really a landrush if the early birds have to wait until after “go live” to use their domains. It’s more like the turtle getting a head start over the hare.

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