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Monday, 28 April 2008

Thank You and Goodbye!

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Last month I set forth to take my blogging more seriously. The plan was to start three new blogs:

  • where I blog about my business and the software industry in general.
  • Regex Guru where I blog about regular expressions.
  • Living in Phuket where I blog about my personal life and the island I’ve been living on since last month.

The Shareware Beach site will stay online for posterity. If you’ve linked there, thanks a lot. Your links will continue to work.

But I won’t be writing anything new here. If you have this blog in your newsreader, please replace it with any or all three blogs above.


Sunday, 13 April 2008

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As promised, the final installment of my blog splitting operation is now online at I have the .com domain too, but .asia somehow sounds better to me. Maybe its just the newest color of the season.

I’m indeed moving house once again. My published address will remain in Nonthaburi for some time while we complete our new house and the paperwork to officially move ourselves and the company.

I’m going to turn off the PC for the day now and celebrate New Year.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

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As you might have guessed, my interest in the new .asia top-level domain was part of my plan to set up several new blogs. The first one, Regex Guru, uses a .info domain, to match with

My second new blog is I was the only applicant for this domain during the landrush. All .asia domains with only one application are now live. Newly registered domains are activated immediately, just like for .com domains. Landrush actions are still “coming soon” or whatever that means.

Anyway, if you’ve enjoyed reading my posts in the conferences, cyberspace, ergonomics, hardware & gadgets, Just Great Software, shareware industry and software development categories on this blog, then you should definitely subscribe to Essentially, that blog takes over the “shareware” part of “Shareware Beach”. My final new blog (coming soon) will take over the “beach” part.

The term Micro-ISV was coined around the time I started with Shareware Beach. Today, pretty much everybody prefers to speak of “Micro-ISVs” rather than “shareware companies”. Even the big players like Microsoft. And that’s a great thing. Because in 2004, whatever Microsoft liked to call Micro-ISVs at the time, simply wasn’t on their radar.

So if you want to know what’s cooking at a very small company on the world’s largest continent, head over to

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Regex Guru

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The first of my new blogs is now online: Regex Guru. I’ve never blogged about regular expressions on Shareware Beach. I deemed the topic too technical for this blog, and I already had a great website to post regex-related articles.

But the web site didn’t have a news feed for updates. The new blog provides that. I’ll also use it for more technical behind-the-scenes information on RegexBuddy and PowerGREP.

If you use regular expressions with any of my products, or with any other tool or programming language, Regex Guru is for you. You don’t need to be a regex guru yourself, but it helps if you’ve read my regular expression tutorial.

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